Founder Personality

When asked who is the ideal startup founder, many people would point out classical qualities we often hear associated with the mythical founders of our time.

We expect them to be visionaries, highly intellectual, creative, and charismatic. Yet what worked for Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, would not necessarily work for the other 99% of founders. We would like to draw emphasis to a different set of characteristics - ones that have an even stronger correlation with future success and are often overlooked.

These traits all correlate with a key overarching trait - resilience. The power to move forward when facing adversity is essential in the ever-changing world of startup life. While it is hard to disagree with the importance of resilience, identifying it in startup founders can prove difficult, especially during a due diligence process.

Following are what we consider to be the building blocks of the resilient founder and some key indicators for their detection.